“Deceptive Site Ahead”

How to Fix the “Deceptive Site Ahead” Warning

The Deceptive Site Ahead is a red page displayed by browsers to website visitors when they access a compromised website. If your site displays this page, it means your website is compromised/hacked and needs immediate attention.

The message generated by Google Chrome on sites it views as unsafe. Its appearance implies that Google has blocklisted a malicious website due to some security concerns.

Deceptive Site Ahead

This guide will show you all the steps needed to fix your site and take care of this page. The steps involved are broken down into three:

  • Clean up the site
  • Secure your website
  • Request review of your site by Google

Cleaning up the site

When your site displays the red page, the first thing to do is clean it up. You must not attempt to request review if the site has not been cleaned. This is because your request will be denied and may eventually lead to longer wait periods before you can make the request again.

WordPress sites are the most common sites and also most attacked hence most compromised website.

If your WordPress site is compromised, please use this guide to clean up the site

How to Clean Up a WordPress Website

If you use any other CMS or have a custom site, we recommend one of the following:

  • Backup your site and download offline, then delete the website online then reupload from clean backups and run updates
  • Have an expert clean up the site for you.

Secure your website

The next step after clean up is to secure the site so as to prevent recurrence.

For WordPress websites, the guide below will assist

How To Secure A WordPress Site

If your site is not made using WordPress, you may need to check the relevant documentation for your site or consult a professional on how to secure the site.

Request review of your site by Google

The last step is to request Google to review your website. To do this, you need a Gmail email account.

1.Login to Google Search Console portal

2.Enter your domain name there and click Continue

3.Next you will be asked to verify domain ownership. This is important to prove you own the domain so you can be allowed to conduct operations on it. Use this guide to complete verification

How do I verify domain ownership

4.Once domain ownership is verified, you should see a page like this. A notice showing you security issues detected will appear. Click Full Report

If this notice does not appear, you can alternatively go to the left side menu and click Security & Manual Actions >> Security Issues

5.Click Request Review

Deceptive Site Ahead

6. Check the box labelled All Issues were fixed, then provide a detailed response of steps taken to fix the issue. Once done click Submit Request button

Deceptive Site Ahead

7.Once done, Google will find time to scan your site and confirm the issue is resolved then will remove the Red Page from your website. This could take up to 48hrs.

You will need to check on the Search Console dashboard after sometime to see whether your site has been delisted already. No notification will be sent once this is done.

Once your site is delisted, you will see the page below when you access Security & Manual Actions >> Security Issues section

Deceptive Site Ahead

You can also check your site’s listing status on the link below


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Deceptive Site Ahead Deceptive Site Ahead

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